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How To Improve Your Wine Club Program

Wine club programs are rapidly growing in popularity as customers start looking for more and more small batch, handcrafted products. In turn, they have been quickly growing in popularity for wineries due to how highly lucrative they are when done correctly.

Wine club memberships are a great way to help your winery increase your volume per customer, while also decreasing your customer acquisition costs.

Wineries who include a loyalty or membership program alongside their wine clubs have seen a heavy increase in the number of members in their clubs. Competition is ever-growing in this space, so making your wine club program better than the rest to stand out to your customer is becoming more difficult by the day. After speaking to hundreds of Wine Club Managers over the years about our protective wine shipping packaging, we consolidated what we've learned to make your program more effective in this blog post.

Reliable Customer Service

With a very fragile and temperamental product like wine, customer service is key. Many of the Wine Club Managers we have spoken to over the years have complained of broken bottles reaching their customers, resulting in disappointment and membership cancellations. Once they start using our robust air packaging, the number of broken bottles decreases significantly, allowing them to advertise better packaging than competitors and retaining members.

Minimizing Shipping Costs

Big, bulky wine shippers can be very expensive to get across the country to your wine club members. Switching to our lightweight, yet robust, air packaging can save your customers a significant amount on shipping costs, keeping them happy and ready to spend more money on what matters: the wine! Our AirShock sleeves weigh just 1 ounce, making them the lightest option on the market.

Maintain Eco-Friendly Status

Many wineries find it difficult to stay eco-friendly and sustainable when they start a wine club program, forcing their hand to move away from the pillars of their business, and maybe the value prop to the customer. Since our AirShock sleeves are made of a number 4 plastic, they are recyclable and reusable in most cases and areas. Our cardboard boxes are also recyclable, making it a no-brainer to use our robust and reliable air packaging for your wine club program!

Our wine bottle packaging for shipping has made the lives of many Wine Club Managers easier, by reducing the issues with their program and increasing the number of satisfied members they have! If you're interested in making your Wine Club Membership more efficient, reach out to us today or order a Starter Pack to find out for yourself how easy it can be to ship wine to your customers!

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