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You have a bottle that needs to be shipped and you need it packaged in a way to de-risk damage in transit. Our product does that, just like your normal bubble wrap, only better.

Air Shock's innovative and robust design lends a valuable hand to companies in many industries, and will continue to do so. Through testing, we've made sure that by using Air Shock, you'll have a safe and cool way of shipping your bottles as it is convenient and shock proof. It is also light weight and flat packed, making it easy to store. 

From our sustainable efforts to the minuscule amount of warehouse space our product will take up, Air Shock's value propositions are endless. Find 8 of our favorites below.

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Our competitive advantages

Air Shock packs are made from 75 micron LDPE material for toughness and rigidity. They are 98% air once inflated, making them very light and ideal for courier and air freight shipping. No additional void filler is required when used with our boxes.

1. Simple to pump – All our Air Shock packs have a pre-inserted valve. All you have to do is insert the Air Shock pump and start inflating it.

2. Outstanding Shock Absorption – In-house testing has shown that our Air Shocks provide shock absorption once it is inflated

3. Straightforward to use – An Air Shock pack will fit around a bottle and you will not need any extra packaging as there are no voids.

4. Impressive – The Air Shock looks good and is a sturdy product. It gives the reassurance to the receiver when they open the box that your product has been packaged well.

5. Burst Resistance – The rigid packs make Air Shock difficult to burst, and each chamber of air is isolated so a small tear will only burst one single chamber.

6. Uninfected and clean – The Air Shock has been produced without any harsh chemicals and you can be assured that you will be wrapping your product in uncontaminated materials.

7. Caring about the environment – All Air Shocks and boxes are recyclable.

8. Easy to store – The average cost per square foot per year of warehouse space is $7. Air Shock solutions deliver up to 90% warehouse space saving, being more compact and efficient than other materials. As it is inflated on demand, the uninflated pouches take up very little space, particularly when compared to foam, bubble wrap and polystyrene.

AirShock Full Case

Inflatable packaging for twelve separate bottles, consisting of four Air Shock Triples