As ecommerce liquor stores become more and more popular, there are new dilemmas that need to be solved. Beyond warehouse inventory and licensing, consumers are very wary of these products being safely packaged enough to make it to their front door.

Our Founders, a pair of alcohol beverage entrepreneurs, developed our AirShock technology when opening their own online spirits retailer and realized there weren’t enough robust, space-saving solutions on the market to cater to their business’ needs.

To develop a solution, they put our AirShock sleeves through rigorous product testing and developed our reliable and stylish air packaging. By creating a design that lays flat when stored, AirShock sleeves save a lot of space in your warehouse, but fully inflate around bottles of any shape and size to keep your products safe on their way to customers.

If you’re looking for new and innovative packaging for shipping your products, try our Starter Pack to fully experience our AirShock sleeves, recyclable cardboard boxes, and hand pump!

If you’re not ready to commit yet, or would like to place a large order of AirShock supplies, reach out to our sales team below so they can help you determine the best approach.

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