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AirShock Double Box (50 units)


Two bottle capacity cardboard box

This box will fit an Air Shock Double for a single bottle or two Air Shock Singles for a total of two bottles*.

  • Purchasing a batch quantity of 50 is equivalent to $1.20 USD per box
  • Purchasing a batch quantity of 500 is equivalent to $1.08 USD per box
  • Purchasing a batch quantity of over 500+ inquire here

External dimensions (Full overlap carton): 
Height: 365mm (14 1/2")
Width: 285mm (11 1/4")
Depth: 120mm (4 3/4")

Weight: 35 lbs

Please note that this product is supplied flat packed and excludes bottles*.

* Definition of a bottle = approximately spherical or elliptical shape, 750ml or 25.6 fluid oz in volume

AirShock Double Box (50 units)